Healthy (Vegetarian) Hill Walking Snacks

One of my new years resolutions for 2018 was to cut down on meat and I’m proud to say that I have already went full vegetarian. 4 months in and I can honestly say that I haven’t missed it one bit!

The next challenge is to become vegan… baby steps though.

That’s not to say that it hasn’t been difficult, like many others I’m sure, I kept falling into the false assumption that I needed meat to feel full and give me lots of energy. So when it came to packing some snacks for when I was going hiking, I felt a bit confused and often ended up packing more sugary snacks than healthy ones.

However, I have managed to find some fab lil finds around local supermarkets and one of my favourite home made recipes. (I’ve tried to avoid the booooring, generic ones like fruit and nuts etc).

First up, Marks & Spencer’s wraps – I could eat these every single day. They are sooo good and have a huge variety to choose from. My two absolute favourites are the ‘beetroot and feta wrap with a pea, edamame and avocado crush’ and the ‘mexican three bean wrap with a bean & sweet potato salsa & Monterey jack cheese.’ 

Marks & Spencer

Next up, Jewelled Couscous salad from Marks & Spencer’s Deli range. I’ve taken this a few times with me on hikes and it is so filling and tastes amazing. ‘Cous cous based salad with roasted vegetables and orange pieces dressed with a pistachio pesto dressing.’ I am now starving haha.

Marks & Spencer’s Deli Range

Anyone that knows me, will know I am a total M&S snob but I make an exception for Tesco’s ‘Feta Semi Dried Tomato pasta’ – cooked pasta in a tomato dressing with roasted red peppers, onion and spinach, topped with feta full fat soft cheese and semi dried tomatoes – sooo good!

Tesco’s cooked pasta 

These little ‘Bounce’ balls are perfect for a hiking snack and also gluten free. Win-win!  You’ve got loads to choose from as well – they taste great and give you that much needed energy boost when you’re almost at the summit. I highly recommend the ‘Peanut Protein Blast’ and ‘Coconut Macademia Protein Bliss’ (Available in most supermarkets and petrol stations).

Bounce Energy – Peanut Protein

Next up, Popchips! My new obsession. Thanks Sam – Sam recommended these on her Insta story a few days ago and has ultimately ruined my life haha… and diet. The sea salt flavour is insanely good and only 94 cals per serving, they’re the perfect hill walking treat.


I’ve also started experimenting with baking a bit more and found this great recipe for these banana oat cakes. They are super healthy, gluten and sugar free and taste AMAZING! I’ve included the recipe below.

Let me know your favourite snacks to take with you!

Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies
Image Credit: Watching What I Eat

You will need:

  • 2 x ripe bananas
  • plain cocoa powder (no sugar)
  • gluten free oats
  • pumpkin and sunflower seed mix
  • Berries/ chocolate chips (I usually add blueberries)


  • Pre-heat over to 180 degrees.
  • Mash the two ripe bananas together with a fork and add 2 tablespoons of the gluten free oats and 2 tablespoons of the plain cocoa powder.
  • Next, add 2 tablespoons of the seed mix and a handful of your berries or chocolate chips.
  • Spread some butter on a baking tray and spread batter across or form the mixture into balls or squares.
  • Bake for 10-12 minutes and then allow to cool.


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