Jet-skiing in Loch Lomond

In case anyone missed it, Scotland has been having the most glorious weather lately and everyone is in just the best mood ever! Summer is well and truly under way…

My parents have a little place up in Inverbeg, Loch Lomond, where I’m very fortunate to have spent most of my weekends as a child. It’s where I first discovered my love for hillwalking and water sports so, of course, I didn’t hesitate when I woke up to the sun streaming through this weekend with a 23-degree forecast.

In case you haven’t been, Loch Lomond is roughly an hour outside of Glasgow (14 miles North west of the centre) along the A82. There is just so much to see and do up there – it’s well worth an over-night or fun day trip.



I spent the day out in the water, jet-skiing with some friends and enjoying a BBQ with some beers on the beach. Exactly the way every Saturday should be spent.

We are lucky enough to have a ‘Stand-up, Kawasaki’ which is so much fun but a hell of a work out ha-ha. It can take a few attempts to master your balance but amazing once you’re up and going. My friend has a ‘Sit down, Yamaha’ which is the type you would usually see on holiday, so much fun!



We traveled across the loch to Rowardennan with the intention of jumping off the pier there but soon discovered it’s closed for maintenance repairs. Boo! Instead, we explored the area a bit and found some cute little, hidden beaches.

I could have easily spent the entire day out there, there’s such a lovely essence of freedom and tranquility on the loch. There are plenty of companies up that way who organise paddle boarding and water skiing sessions as well as kayak hire and inflatable sessions if you are looking to organise a fun trip.




I do not recommend taking your phone on a jet-ski ha-ha. My heart was in my mouth the entire time… but the views! Come onnn!



6 thoughts on “Jet-skiing in Loch Lomond

  1. I have always wanted to try jetskiing! It looks like so much fun. I know what you mean about taking your phone out with you though I was worried about it the entire time I had mine out on a boat. I think I need to invest in a waterproof case lol

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  2. Ah, a lovely day at the lake with friends and food. There is something special about these getaways that involve lakes- maybe it’s the majesty of this body of water that reflects the life and light around and through it, maybe it’s the mystery of what lies within them, after all they are sometimes a lot older than any human eye that has ever known them, or maybe it’s the stories we make with them… I have many growing up in lake country, of boating and laughing and tubing and speeding… now that I live in a metropolis, which I love, the compromise is having a lake nearby. This is making me reminisce of fantastic times.


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