Northcore Changing Robe Review

A changing robe has been on my kit wish list for ages now. I’ve always used the cheaper, towel robes, mainly just for changing outdoors but I’ve been on the look out recently for a more durable robe that will keep me warm and protected against the Scottish elements.

When I came across Northcore on Instagram, I immediately loved the look of their changing robes, and after reading some of their reviews, I was delighted to say a Northcore changing robe was added to my kit bag just in time for winter adventures.

I opted for the Beach Basha Pro 4 season hard shell changing robe in maroon which is one of their newer robe designs. It is completely water and wind proof and can easily fit over your clothing and swimwear whilst allowing you to change comfortably.

Why do I need one?

With summer coming to an end and the water temp beginning to drop, being able to quickly grab my robe helps avoid shivery changing situations and heat up quickly. Sometimes with group activities, there can be a lot of waiting around so it’s a handy piece of kit to have to avoid getting too chilly.

I’ve also found myself reaching for it to wear over my clothes for days when I’m spotting swimmers or heading out on open top boats. It’s great for keeping the wind off you as well as the sea spray and rain.

The Design

The Northcore changing robe is a unisex garment and one size fits all. The inside is lined with a thick cotton, towel material, which allows you to dry and heat up quickly whilst providing insulation against the cold. The outer shell of the robe is made from a tough polyester, providing complete protection from the harsh elements, it also zips onto the inner towel so that you can convert it into a lighter, summer towel robe and even use as a beach towel.

You can say goodbye to the changing struggle, the inner arm holes have a wide opening so arms can be pulled inside for privacy, trying to pull your pants on the right way with numb hands is always a battle. There are also fleece-lined pockets to keep hands nice and toasty.

Essentially, just a big, cosy outdoor dressing gown, the Northcore changing robe is one of the most useful pieces of kit you’ll ever own. I can’t fault this product, it’s definitely been a life saver for me, who always feels the cold really easily. The robe also comes in a handy reusable storage bag so it can easily be stored in my car, ready to go when I need it.


  • Dual layer convertible four season robe
  • Heavy duty outer hard shell with connecting cotton liner
  • One size fits all
  • Change in privacy
  • Fleece lined thermal pockets in outer layer
  • Inner layer can double up as a beach towel
  • Heavy duty plastic zips

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